Pinxing Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pinxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002.Having a professional workshop of the production process and quality inspection process,such as robot welding machines, numerical control machine, laser cutter, advanced processing equipment, etc. Pinxing Medical is committed to producing high quality hospital and homecare furnitures,emergency rescue medical equipment and such as beds,bedside locker,stretcher,chairs etc. As a global supplier,Pinxing is to create added value for customers around the world.

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  • New employees training

    New employees training


    The training department trains new employees from the aspects of safety, quality, cost control and efficiency. Employee training is defined as a planned set of activities for imparting knowledge...

  • Start of Summer

    Start of Summer


    The Start of Summer (Li Xia) is the seventh of the 24 solar terms, succeeding Guyu. As the name indicates, this solar term indicates the arrival of summer. Chinese “Li” means to start, as in “Li Ch...

  • The people work together against Omicron

    The people work together against Omicron


    Shanghai has approximately 47,700 beds for isolation and treatment of COVID-19 patients at present, including those in makeshift hospitals, and an additional 30,000 will be put into use...